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Distribution and Development of Amorphophallus Resources in the Border Regions Between Thailand and Myanmar
中文关键词:泰缅边境  珠芽魔芋  栽培种  橡胶林  套种  耐荫植物
英文关键词:border areas between Thailand and Myanmar  Amorphophallus spp  cultivar  rubber tree  intercrop  shade plants
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      The narrow region between Tak and Kanchanaburi in Thailand and Mon state, Karen state and Tanintharyi division in Myanmar was believed as a global natural core area distributed with Amorphophallus spp. Thailand accounted for 10%~15% of the total Amorphophallus resource in this narrow region, and Myanmar accounted for 85%~90%. Among the Amorphophallus species, four yielded high and contained high content of glucomannan and high viscosity. They were cultivars with distinctness, uniformity and stability and were suitable for cultivation in low altitude areas with high temperature and humidity in Southeast Asia. They were tolerant to shade. There are large rubber and teak plantations in these areas where four Amorphophallus species can be used as intercrops to increase the output of Amorphophallus spp. in Thailand and Myanmar.
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