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Research Advances in Parthenium argentatum Gray
中文关键词:银胶菊  种质改良  栽培管理  应用研究
英文关键词:guayule  germplasm improvement  cultivation  applied research
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      银胶菊(Parthenium argentatum Gray),菊科银胶菊属多年生灌木,是最具发展潜力的产胶替代植物之一。银胶菊橡胶的物理性能与三叶橡胶相似,可制造汽车轮胎和一般胶制品,其胶乳的低致敏特性使其在医疗卫生领域有巨大的应用空间;银菊胶树脂可用于防腐剂、杀虫剂和粘合剂等,纤维渣可制纸浆或复合板等,具有广阔的开发前景。从银胶菊的种质改良、栽培管理及其应用研究方面综述国内外研究进展,并讨论银胶菊产业化发展中存在的问题,为今后银胶菊的开发利用提供参考。
      Guayule (Parthenium Argentatum Gray) is a perennial shrub of genus Parthenium in Asteraceae, and has potential as an alternative source of nature rubber. Guayule rubber had similar high quality with Hevea rubber, which could be used in tires and common rubber products. It could be widely used in medical sectors due to its anti-allergic characteristics. Guayule resins could be used to produce wood preservatives, pesticide and adhesives. Guayule bagasse could be used in paper manufacturing and composite boards. The research advances in Guayule were reviewed from germplasm improvement, cultivation and applied research. The existing problems arising from the development of Guayule were put forward to provide some references for guayule development in China.
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